how to maintain weight while pregnant

5 Tips On How To Maintain Weight While Pregnant Safely

Research says that maintaining weight during pregnancy is necessary for you to do. This is because obesity will interfere with the development of the fetus and your labor. Therefore, you must know a lot of information about how to maintain weight while pregnant.

how to maintain weight while pregnant

It’s not easy to maintain ideal body weight during pregnancy. This is because when you are pregnant you will often feel hungry or want to eat certain foods. So, here are the tips on how to maintain weight while pregnant, which is easy enough for you to do:

1. Eat Healthy Food

You can eat fruits and vegetables that are clean and have good quality. You can process these fruits and vegetables and make them as snacks. For example, you can also eat bread and cereal made from wheat.

Bread and cereal can help and maintain your digestion because it has high fiber. Besides, choose low-fat dairy products and consume 4 cups of milk a day.

2. Avoid Processed Foods

Processed foods and drinks usually contain high artificial sugar. This is certainly dangerous if you consume large amounts of sugar when you are pregnant. You can get Gestational Diabetes, which is a condition of high blood sugar levels that occur in pregnant women.

Also, avoid foods and drinks that are high in sodium and other additives. This is because if you eat foods that are high in sodium, it can cause you high blood pressure. High blood pressure in pregnant women is very dangerous because it can trigger preeclampsia, which can cause death.

3. Eat Small Portions

When you enter the first trimester, you may experience morning sickness problems. This condition can cause malnutrition so you have a low weight. However, you still have to get enough food so that you still get the ideal body weight.

The way you can do that is by trying to eat often but in smaller portions. This method can reduce nausea and can also meet daily nutritional needs.

4. Weigh Weight Every Week

Weigh and record your weight at least once a week. You need to do this to control your weight and your baby’s weight. This will also make it easier for you to start taking action to bring back your weight to an ideal position.

For example, try to gain weight of 1.6 kg/week in the second trimester. And, 454 grams/week in the third trimester. However, you can make these two things a benchmark if your baby’s weight is normal at his age.

5. Do An Exercise

The last thing on how to maintain weight while pregnant is you should do exercise routinely. Even though you are pregnant, that doesn’t mean you can’t exercise. You can choose mild exercise but can train your body muscles well.

For example, you can do safe sports like walking, swimming, or even yoga specifically for pregnant women. However, you need to have an exercise that is appropriate for your gestational age. Exercise will help burn calories and maintain ideal body weight.

Pregnant women need to maintain ideal body weight for your health and also your baby’s health. You can do 5 tips on how to maintain weight while pregnant. Do it one by one so that until you used to live healthy during pregnancy.