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Natural Ways on How to Remove Keloid

If you find a bump on a part of your body that looks like a scar but doesn’t hurt, it may then be a keloid. Keloid usually occurs after a scar is healed however the former of the scar remains. Sometimes people don’t recognize it is a keloid until it grows big. This is because keloid doesn’t grow big an instant time, but it takes at least 3 years to be big. Usually, they are caused by cuts or surgical scars. Therefore, it is important to cure a scar until it is dry to prevent keloid. However, if you already have already had keloids, try some home treatments to remove them. The steps on how to remove keloid are quite simple. 

Keloid is not dangerous and will not hurt or spread to other parts. However, many people don’t feel comfortable having scars on their skin. Therefore, before doing surgery to remove keloid, it is better people try natural and home treatments first. The results may not be fast but doing it regularly can cause the keloid to be smaller. Therefore, for those who are having signs of keloid should try these home treatments on how to remove keloid.

1. Silicon Sheeting / Gel

If your keloid isn’t too big and red, try applying silicone sheeting or gel on the keloid. Many people have tried this and proven to shrink the keloid on the skin. Silicone sheeting is safe to use, therefore even pregnant women are allowing to apply them. Other than that, silicon sheeting can also avoid the keloid from growing bigger. 

2. Petrolatum or Lanolin

The properties are in heavy skin cream or lotions that people use in their daily life. Researchers have found out that creams containing these properties can help improve scars’ appearance. However, people must be disciplined in applying the cream on their scar until it gets dry. When it gets dry don’t scratch it off, but keep on appealing the lotion until it fades away. 

3. Aspirin

A study in 2015 showed that aspirin can help people from removing keloid. The steps on how to remove keloid are by crashing 3-4 tablets of aspirin and mixing them with water. Then apply this mixture on the keloid or scar on your body. Let it stay for 1-2 hours until it becomes dry or a bit hard on the skin. Then rinse it off until clean and repeat it the next day. 

4. Garlic

For those who don’t have aspirin can use garlic as their medicine. Just like aspirin, the function of garlic is to shrink the scars on the skin and lighten the scars. The steps to using them are also the same. Just crush them and mix it with some water before applying it on the skin. However, let it stay for only 15 minutes and then rinse them off. 

5. Honey

This sweet food contains anti-inflammatory that can help reduce keloids from growing and even making them smaller. In fact, honey is one of the safest ways of curing keloid compared to other kinds of ingredients. A way to use honey is just applying a bit of honey on the keloid regularly each day. 

These steps on how to remove keloid are very easy and cheap to do. People can even do these treatments by themselves without help from other people. But it is important to remember that natural treatments will need some time until it gets cured totally. Usually, it will take up to a year to remove a normal size keloid from the skin. 

How to Avoid Episiotomy before Delivering Birth

Pregnant moms must have heard about episiotomy. This is one of the processes during delivering the birth of the child. It is an incision between a woman’s vagina and the anus. Before making it, doctors would inject so that the mother would not feel pain. However, mothers could deliver the baby without this process. Even though, mothers still need to know how to avoid episiotomy during their pregnancy.

Doctors would need to cut the incision in order to ease the baby delivered. Sometimes, this procedure is needed because of medical reasons. However, mothers could try their best on keeping the baby and their condition healthy enough to prevent it. Here are some tips for pregnant moms to know how to avoid episiotomy during delivering birth. Moreover, the tips are simple yet save enough to do.

1. Often do the Perineum Massage

Researches have proven that this massage could avoid incision. Moms could start the massage when the fetus’s age is 35 weeks. The technique is by entering one or two fingers inside the vagina and push it slowly towards the perineum. However, be sure that the fingers are clean. Moms should wash their hands using warm waters with soup. Make sure nails are also clean and short.

2. Eat Healthy Foods during Pregnant

Another way on how to avoid episiotomy before delivering birth is by eating healthy foods. Moms should eat foods that have good nutrition not only for the baby but also for themselves. Having good nutrition would help the moms on having a stretchy skin, including on their vagina area. As a bonus, moms could also have nice smooth skin because of eating healthy foods.

3. Exercise on Relaxing the Muscles

Entering the third trimester, mothers would need to start exercising. One of the pregnant exercises that they need to do is relax the muscle, especially in the vagina area. The doctors usually recommend a Kegels exercise. This would help the muscles near the vagina and anus to relax and exercise. Another thing moms usually do bumping on a Pilates ball.

4. Warm Compresses

A simple tip on how to avoid episiotomy before delivering birth is by often compressing using a warm towel. Moms should compress their under part of the stomach and also near the vagina area. This should also help the muscles relax and become more stretchy. When the delivering date is near, moms should compress even more often than they usually do.

5. Join Pregnant Yoga

Keeping calm during the process of delivering is the most important thing. To get used to being calm, doctors and midwives would recommend the parents to join pregnant yoga. Here moms and dads would be taught how to relax during the process. Yoga is also a relaxing and simple exercise to help the muscle to stretch. Moreover, it would help the baby to reach the goal position.

Even though moms often to learn about how to avoid episiotomy towards the delivery date, sometimes the process is needed. The process is to quicken and ease the delivery. Moreover, it is also for the mom’s and the baby’s safety.

Important Tips on How to Prevent the Hereditary Diseases

Having a healthy life is something everyone would love to have. However, no one in this world is perfect including humans. Sometimes humans are given hereditary diseases that are usually given by genetical factors. Even though hereditary diseases can’t be removed, but it can be prevented. Therefore, it is important to know whether there are potential hereditary diseases in the family. If there is one, it is important to always inform the disease to the generation after. This way they can plan and learn how to prevent the hereditary diseases

Ways to Prevent Hereditary Diseases

It is important to always inform the next generation about the disease that is in the family. This is important so that people are aware of what to do next. It is hard to cure hereditary diseases, but it is not impossible. Therefore, everyone must fight from the very start to prevent diseases from developing. Here are some important ways on how to prevent the hereditary diseases that people must know:

1. Routine Check-Up

Whatever the disease is, people must do routine check-ups for their health. The disease may not show up when people are young, or it can suddenly show up. Therefore, to know the signs people who potentially can get the disease should do a routine check-up. At least do the check-up every 6 months or once every year. It all depends on the type of disease and how dangerous it is for health. 

2. A Healthy Diet

Every disease has its yes and no food list, so follow them. For example, if diabetes is a hereditary disease in your family then decrease the amount of sugar you consume. Or if you have asthma, then quit smoking and do exercise regularly. So, apply a healthy lifestyle and adjust your lifestyle with the potential disease. This is a very simple but accurate way on how to prevent the hereditary diseases in the family. 

3. Exercise Regularly

A way to apply a healthy life is by doing exercise regularly, especially if you are still healthy. People don’t need to do heavy exercise every day to be healthy, they just need to keep on moving. Doing exercise regularly can clear the mind and make people healthier. For a simple exercise, people can walk around the neighborhood every morning for 10-15 minutes. 

4. Routine Treatment

If people have detected the disease from an early time, then it is important to get regular treatment. Do the treatment regularly and make sure to be disciplined for the treatment. Even though it might can’t be cured, but people can prevent it from getting worse. 

5. Always Be Positive

An important but no known cure for the hereditary disease is to always stay positive. Make sure to always have spirit in cure and miracle. If people are positive and have high spirit in getting well, then anything is possible. So, never give up on any diseases that you are suffering from.

There are many ways on how to prevent the hereditary diseases but try from the simple ones first. These may be simple tips, but they are very useful and helpful for many people. However, if the disease gets worse it is best to soon see the doctor and get treatment.