best exercise for baby to walk

Best Exercise For Baby To Walk That Should Be Known By Every Mom

As a parent, we might do anything for our baby. Commonly, the baby needs to learn everything and parent should teach everything for them. Then, one of the important learning for baby is walking. Able to walking is the thing that many parents can’ wait for it. The parent really wants to see the progress of their baby. Moreover, parents should do something in order to teach their baby to walk. Thus, what is the best exercise for baby to walk?

best exercise for baby to walk

1. Assisted Walking

This exercise is the most common exercise conducted by all moms. Let her make a walking position. You need to stand behind your baby while holding her arms. Then, put her arm forward in turn slowly. Thus, her feet will unconsciously follow to walk forward by your instruction. After trying for a minute, your baby will feel comfortable and like to practice this exercise. It can stimulate their feet’ muscle and make her used to walk.

2. Sitting On A Stool

When your baby faces the walking step, you need to stimulate her to do such as sitting on a stool. By sitting on a stool, she will learn to free her back from back support while stimulating her muscles to be more strength. But, you may not leave her alone on a stool. Make sure that there is someone nearby to control the baby and help her if there is a problem. You need to put her foot in a 90-degree position with her body.

Then, teach her to take something such as her toy around her. Change the toy’s position. Thus, let her take the toys and back again to sitting on a stool. This exercise will help her to stimulate her muscles.

3. Cruising

At home, you may have furniture such as a sofa. Well, by that furniture, you can try to teach your baby to walk. Let your baby hold at the side of the sofa. Then, ask her to walk slowly while holding the sofa side. Control her and help her if she looks hard to do it. Hold her hand and teach her to walk while holding the sofa smoothly. Try this exercise regularly until your baby used to it.

4. Cruise and Kick

Almost the same as the previous exercise, cruise and kick also use the sofa as the baby holder. This exercise also becomes the best exercise for baby to walk. In this exercise, you need to let your baby stand near the sofa and hold it while kicking something in front of her. How to do it? Put something that will make her interested in such as her toy or anything. Then, when she stands while holding on the sofa, put a toy in front of her. Next, teach her to kick the toy slowly. Control her nearby to minimize the risk.

The baby looks gentle and so soft. Therefore, you need to teach her slowly while control her activities. Try to practice some exercise as the previous explanation regularly until the baby used to it. Don’t push her too much. Just let her used to it and learn in her own way.