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how to increase immune system

Find Out How to Increase Immune System in 7 Natural Ways

The immune system is a barricade that protects you from a microorganism that caused a disease. Meanwhile, since it is a system then you have to maintain it well. During coronavirus pandemic, people tend to find out how to increase immune system.

Actually, you can boost your immune system naturally without the help of medicine. Below are some ways on how to increase the immune system naturally:

1. Sleep Well and Enough

You might be bored with this sentence but it really works. Apparently, lack of sleep can cause many diseases such as migraine, back pain, cold and other malfunctions in the brain. When you sleep, your body is resting and recharge for activities the next day.

But, if your sleep quality is poor, your body doesn’t have time to rest and forced to work. Ultimately, your immune system got drop so you get sick easily. Try to have at least 7 hours of sleep at night before 9 PM.

2. Have More Whole Food

It is best to eat fruits and vegetables in a whole way instead of juice them up. Fruits and vegetables contain nutrition and antioxidant which is good to help you decrease inflammation. Sometimes, the juicing process gets rid of some nutrients out of the produce. So, you better cook it or steam it.

3. No Stress

Yes, coronavirus spread is stressful and fearful but we must stay focus and positive. When you think of something too hard and assume the worst, your body responds it in some bad ways. Whether you realize it or not, you will get dizzy more often or tired all the time. So, manage your stress well.

4. Keep Your Body Hydrated

Dehydration usually caused the loss of focus, headache, bad mood, and worst is a malfunction of heart and kidney. To keep your body hydrated, try to drink water at least two liters a day. Some people think they drink enough but they don’t. So, you really have to count how much water you drink in a day.

5. Fill your Belly with Healthy Fat

Another way of how to increase immune system is by having healthy fat. You can get healthy fat from olive oil, salmon, and chia seeds. Furthermore, healthy fat is good for decreasing inflammation and boost the immune system to combat bacteria and viruses.

6. Drink A Traditional Beverage

Ginger, turmeric, curcumin, and lemongrass are good to boost your immune system. Those ingredients have anti-inflammation benefits, antiviral, and even lowering cholesterol levels. Simply slice those ingredients and boil them in a water and then drink it while it warm routinely.

7. Have More Probiotic Supplement

Probiotic is well known as an immune system booster. Meanwhile, you can get a probiotic supplement from yogurt, kimchi, natto, kefir, and sauerkraut. People who have it regularly have stronger immune that they who don’t in prevent the nasal virus.

So, natural ways of how to increase immune system are the best way you can try to protect yourself. Since no medicine is found for coronavirus, it is better to fortify yourself by boosting the immune system.

how to make hand sanitizer

How To Make Hand Sanitizer Easily

Facing the coronavirus or COVID-19 which is increasingly widespread, you must maintain cleanliness and health. One of them is diligently washing hands or using a hand sanitizer when traveling. However, the large number of people who buy hand sanitizers make these items difficult to find in stores or pharmacies so you can make your own. The following is how to make hand sanitizer easily.

Hand Sanitizer Gel

As you know, there are two types of hand sanitizers. The gel is one of a kind of hand sanitizer. Of course, this hand sanitizer is thicker and not easy to spill. Here is how to make a hand sanitizer gel that is easy for you to do.

1. Preparing Tools and Materials

Some people in the world are more familiar with gel hand sanitizer models. To make it, you need an ingredient in the form of 2/3 cup of 70% -99% alcohol, 1/3 cup of pure aloe vera gel, and 8-10 drops of essential oil. Meanwhile, the tools to make hand gel sanitizer models are bowls, spoons, plastic bottles, and funnels.

The use of essential oils is useful to add aroma to the hand sanitizer. You can use essential oils of lavender, cinnamon, or peppermint. The three objects contain disinfectant which can kill germs and viruses. Therefore, preparing materials and tools is part of how to make hand sanitizer.

2. The Process

After preparing all the tools and ingredients, of course, you can immediately start making hand gel models. First, prepare a bowl, then pour the alcohol and aloe vera gel. Mix well and try to apply on your hands. If the texture is not soft enough, add enough aloe vera gel.

After that, pour the essential oil into the alcohol and aloe vera gel mixture, then stir again until smooth. Then insert the hand sanitizer gel into a plastic bottle using a funnel. Make sure you have washed it clean and let it dry completely. Thus, the homemade sanitizer is ready to use.

Hand Sanitizer Spray

As explained earlier, hand sanitizers have two types, namely gel, and spray. This type of spray is more liquid and you can use two to three sprays to kill the germs on your hands. For this reason, here is how to make a sanitizer for spray.

1. Preparing Tools and Materials

Before making this thing, of course, you have to prepare the tools and ingredients. This is part of how to make a hand sanitizer for spray. For that, you have to prepare 833.3 ml of ethanol with a concentration of 96%. In addition, 41.7 ml of hydrogen peroxide with 3% content, 14.5 ml of glycerol with a concentration of 98%, and 110.5 ml of boiled water.

If you don’t find ethanol, you can use 751.5 ml of isopropyl alcohol with 99.8% content. In addition, 41.7 ml of hydrogen peroxide with 3% content, 14.5 ml of glycerol with a concentration of 98%, and 192.3 ml of cooled boiled water. Meanwhile, the tools needed to make this spray model hand sanitizer are clean bottles, measuring cups, and spray bottles for storage.

2. How to Make

The following is how to make a hand sanitizer spray. First, pour the alcohol into a clean bottle. Next, mix hydrogen peroxide and glycerol into the bottle containing the alcohol. After that, pour the cooled boiled water into the bottle. Immediately close the bottle and shake the bottle until the ingredients are evenly mixed.

If so, immediately move the spray hand sanitizer model into the spray bottle that has been cleaned. Don’t forget, add the production date label and the name of the solution. And make sure the alcohol content is not below 60% of the overall composition of the hand sanitizer to be effective in getting rid of germs and viruses.

Those are 2 easy ways of how to make hand sanitizer. You only need to choose the type of gel or spray that you like. That way you can always protect the cleanliness of your hands wherever and whenever.

tips for preventing coronavirus

Important Tips For Preventing Coronavirus You Should Know

Recently the Coronavirus has invigorated the world community.  The virus that takes many lives comes from China. For those who have low immunity, of course very vulnerable to contracting this virus.  But take it easy, you can increase your body’s immunity to prevent this virus from attacking.  Here are tips for preventing Coronavirus, namely :

1. Eat Nutritious Foods

The first from the list of tips for preventing Coronavirus is to eat nutritious foods. Add milk to your diet.  Milk is effective for boosting the immune system as well as preventing viruses.  Fruits that contain lots of vitamin C, as well as other nutritious foods. Complete nutritious food, avoid fatty foods that allow bad fats to grow in the body and can invite disease.  Don’t forget to always eat vegetables, fish, and perfectly cooked dishes.

2. Get Enough Exercise and Rest

Try to get enough exercise and rest.  Exercise is good for health and prevents viruses from coming.  Make sure you don’t experience fatigue after a day of activities.  Therefore, you must have enough rest.  Sleeping 8 hours a day can make your body refreshed. A weak body due to lack of rest can invite various types of viruses that cause disease, one of which is the Coronavirus.  Therefore, take care of your rest time not to get too tired.

3. Washing Hands Using Soap

Next Step for preventing Corona Virus is washing your hands often using soap or hand sanitizer.  Germs and viruses are in many hands, because the hand is the object that touches the most other objects that may be affected by viruses or germs.  Therefore, wash your hands immediately after coming in contact with other objects, shaking hands, holding money, holding public facilities.

4. Wear a Mask

Always wear a mask when traveling out of the house.  Masks can dispel viruses that may be sucked.  Use a mask when sneezing or coughing so that germs and viruses do not easily spread to others.  Using a mask can also filter out dust and dirt so that the air entering the lungs is cleaner.

5. No Visit to Places Affected by the Coronavirus.

The last tip for preventing Corona Virus is to avoid traveling to places affected by the Coronavirus. Corona Virus is a disease originating from Wuhan, China.  From its home country, this virus is contagious and very deadly.  Transmission of this virus through fluids in the patient’s body.  It’s like a cold.  Therefore, avoid places suspect Coronavirus.

Those are some tips for preventing Coronavirus. Health is very expensive and important, preventing the disease is better than treating it. One way is to always maintain immunity by implementing a healthy lifestyle. Corona Virus is a disease that can be transmitted from human to human, as well as from animal to human. Thus, the virus does not easily attack humans who have a good immune system.

how to remove fishbone stuck in throat safely

5 Tips Of How To Remove Fishbone Stuck In Throat Safely

Eating fish is healthy.  This protein source has several nutrients that are good for the body.  Sometimes, we feel disturbed by the presence of fish bones.  Not infrequently often involved in the throat.  Here are tips on how to remove fishbone stuck in throat safely, namely:

1. Eating Bananas

The first way on how to remove fishbone stuck in throat safely by eating bananas.  Soft bananas can help drain fish bones stuck in the throat.  This method is quite easy because bananas are available everywhere.  Therefore, always provide bananas at the dinner table.

Bananas with a little slimy can be a natural lubricant in the throat.  Therefore, if a small tragedy occurs, immediately take a banana and eat it.  It tastes good accompanied by great benefits.

2. Eating Marshmallow

The soft texture of Marshmallow can help drain thorns stuck in the throat.  If this happens, then take marshmallow then eat it.  The taste is good equivalent to the benefits.

Therefore, always provide marshmallows at home.  There are many marshmallow variants on the market, with various choices of flavors and unique shapes.  Many children also love Marshmallow.  There is nothing wrong, providing Marshmallow at home as first aid when the tragedy occurs.

3. Drink Lots Of  Mineral Water

Another way of how to remove fishbone stuck in throat safely is by drinking lots of mineral water. Fishbone will flow together with the water. The nature of the flowing water will make the fish bones flow along with the water, so it no longer concerns the throat.

If the fish bones are in the throat, then drink as much mineral water as possible, so that the thorns flow through it. Drinking lots of water is also very good for health.  In addition to as a way to dissolve fish bones in the throat.

4. Swallow Rice

If the three ways above do not work, then you can try the fourth tip, which is by eating rice. This method is quite effective for dissolving fish spines in the throat.

Take a handful of rice then form into a small circle.  Moreover, the rice is hot or warm.  A delicious way with great benefits. This method is the easiest, because most rice has it, even in Indonesia, it becomes a staple food.

5. Drink Olive Oil

The latest, how to remove fishbone stuck in throat safely is eating olive oil. Olive oil will make the throat slippery so it is easy to drain the fish spines.  Its slippery texture will make the fishbone come flowing smoothly and not clog the throat.

Therefore, always provide olive oil at home, as a first-aid effort to someone who has a fishbone stuck. Olive oil has many health benefits.  Providing olive oil at home will provide many benefits apart from being first aid when the fishbone is stuck in the throat.

That’s 5 tips on how to remove fishbone stuck in throat safely.  Always provide these 5 ingredients at home so that if a small incident occurs, it can be resolved immediately.  The materials used are easy to find and the methods used are quite easy and tasty.

natural recipe for hair growth

Natural Recipe For Hair Growth For Women At Home

For most women, hair is an important part of the body. The hair is like their crown and it must be clean and beautiful. However, having clean and beautiful hair is not enough. Some women want to have long and thick hair. It is because it would give them more confidence and they could do more with long and thick hair. Rather than going to the salon, there is some natural recipe for hair growth for women at home.

With the home natural recipes, not only that women would able to save money than going to the salon. Women could also save more time as well. They could do it at home while doing other activities. Here is some natural recipe for hair growth for women at home to try. It is easy and cheap. However, it would give a big impact on the hair.

1. Banana Mask

The first natural recipe that women could try at home is with using a banana. Banana is not delicious for eating, but also useful for growing the hair long and thick. The first thing is to peel the banana and then blender it. If there no blender or food processor, as an alternative, women could squish it manually. After that, apply the banana all over the hair and cover it with plastic. Let it be for about 20 minutes and then raise with shampoo after.

2. Olive Oil with Egg Yolk

The next natural recipe for hair growth for women at home is with using olive oil with egg yolk. Use two egg yolks and mix it with two tablespoons of olive oil and water. After mixing it up, apply it on the scalp and hair. Furthermore, it is better if women also apply vitamin in it. After letting it for 15 minutes, raise the hair cleanly with water and shampoo. However, do not use this recipe too often. Maximum paste it twice a month.

3. Avocado with Coconut Oil

The third recipe that women could try is with using avocado and coconut oil and avocado. First, heat up the coconut, but do not use the microwave. After that, massage it all over the hair. Next, squish the avocado and apply it as well on the hair, but only at the end of the hair. After 30 minutes, rinse the hair. People could do this treatment once a week for the best result.

4. Onion Juice with Honey

Another natural recipe for hair growth for women is with using onion juice and honey. Firstly, juice the onion with a food processor or blender. After that, blend it with a teaspoon of honey. Apply the materials on the hair and let it for 1 night. Since the onion might smell strong, before rinsing it with shampoo, apply some scented oils before.

5. Caffeine

Who thought that coffee would also be useful for hair treatments besides making us awake? Try to mix the regular shampoo with 4 ounces of caffeine powder. It would help the hair to grow heavily. Women could use this for daily use.

Having beautiful hair would increase the beauty and confidence of a woman. To help them have long and heavy hair, try on the natural recipe for hair growth. Every woman could try it easily at home.

best diet for allergic reaction

Best Diet For Allergic Reaction – The Best Way to Face an Allergy

For people with allergies, the time when it comes is the most painful moment. Allergy can manifest in various ways from the mild symptom to the severe. To prevent an allergy, you should avoid contact with the allergen or eat the foods that make you get the allergy. But do you know that allergy can be prevented by controlling your diet? That’s why you should choose the best diet for allergic reaction so you can relieve the symptom.

best diet for allergic reaction

1. Cold-Water Fish

An omega-3 fatty acid that is contained in salmon is one of the best diet for allergic reaction. That because of the omega-3 fatty acid has a substance that helps to relieve allergy symptoms. That substance is an anti-inflammatory effect.

So, if you want to be free from your allergy you can start by consuming the cold-water fish such as tuna, salmon, and mackerel. It’s best for you to eat two fishes in a week. However, if you don’t like cold-water fish too much, you can change your food into the other rich omega-3 food like walnuts and flax seeds. 

2. Onion 

If you want to relieve or prevent your allergy, food that rich in bioflavonoids, you can try to eat an onion. This substance will act as a mast cell stabilizer. As you know, mast cell is a cell that responsible for releasing histamine, a part of allergic reactions. So when you eat an onion, the bioflavonoid in it will help to lessen the amount of the cells that react to the allergen.

Furthermore, the onion also contains quercetin, a specific bioflavonoid that is excellent in fighting with inflammation. Therefore eating it can lessen your symptoms. But, if you don’t like the taste of onion, you can choose the other foods. An apple, peppers, berries, and parsley are the foods that contain bioflavonoid including quercetin.

3. Fruits that Rich in Vitamin C

As a result of the histamine release, you may have hives, sneezes or itches. So, to make you free from those symptoms you should decrease the amount of the histamine your body releasing. And that when vitamin C comes to work. It can hinder the inflammatory cells from releasing the histamine indirectly.

The result is the decrease of histamine thus, the symptoms can be subsided. In addition to decreasing the histamine, vitamin C also works to reduce the inflammation. There are many fruits that contain a high level of vitamin C such as oranges, apples, strawberries, and watermelon.

4. Milk or Yogurt

One of the best diet for an allergic reaction is milk or yogurt. Either you choose one of them or both do not really matter. That’s because milk and yogurt contain probiotics that are good for allergy relief. This substance can act as an anti-inflammation and anti-allergic effect. So, drink a lot of milk or yogurt that rich in probiotics can help you to relieve the allergy.

An allergy can be annoying as it hinders you to do activities. Some of the allergy symptoms can even danger your life. That’s why it’s better for you to prevent or reduce the allergy symptoms by eating the best diet for allergic reaction.

Signs and symptoms of coronavirus

How Terrible, These Are The Signs and Symptoms Of Coronavirus In China

January comes up with a lot of big events and most of all is sad news. At first, we were surprised by World War 3 where America attack Iran and start a new war. After that, another incident happens like Australia in the fire, Jakarta in flood and also Australia in flood. But it doesn’t stop there, happens another one big disease in China, Coronavirus. As a result, many people asking the signs and symptoms of Coronavirus.

Signs and symptoms of coronavirus

Coronavirus is the kind of virus that caused a dangerous disease like MERS and SARS. Until this day, this virus killed at least 132 people in China and have spread to other countries. Scientist identifies this virus as the zoonotic virus or can be transmitted from animals to human. We will try to tell you about the signs and symptoms of Coronavirus so you can identify it quickly.

Symptoms of Coronavirus

Scientist identifies Coronavirus as 2019 Novel Coronavirus or 2019-CoV. This virus will give an effect near 2-14 days after they entered our body. It can cause fatigue and make us dying for a long time. For the first time, Coronavirus may have the same effect as usual flu. Our body will have a high temperature and it can up and down in a short time. After that, we can also have a shortness of breath just like the lungs are narrowed.

However, these all are just the early symptoms of Coronavirus. If our body can evolve the immune system and fight back, then we can survive from the advanced symptoms. But, when we can’t we may face the terrible disease that has not found how to treat it, pneumonia. In this case, Our lungs will be damaged and we will get a heavier breath than ever before. The most severe symptoms of this disease are kidney failure or even death.

Transmission of Coronavirus

Coronavirus can be found in some species of animals like a bat, rat, cat, and many other wild animals. Many people predict that this virus-infected person in China because of their bad habit. People on there usually eat wild animals without cook it perfectly before. They can also eat it in a raw state when these animals are not dead yet. It is may seem terrible but it happens there.

This virus starts to spread to many countries in this world with several things. The virus can infected from the air when the sufferer cough, saliva, or sexual activities. However, this virus can spread in a short time if we did not prepare about it before. This virus newly attacks the human so the scientist has not found the vaccine. We may think that it is the usual flu so we did not get good treatment until this virus reaches many countries.

These are some signs and symptoms of Coronavirus that can happen with someone near us. If it happens to you, just go to the doctor and check it as soon as possible before it is too late. We can take care of our body from this virus by eating healthy food and using a mask. Be careful wherever we are because this can infect us unexpectedly.

Online Casino Banking – Virtual Wallets

In the course of recent years “Virtual Wallets” have become a well known approach to finish exchanges on the Internet. There are some incredible points of interest in utilizing one of these administrations for the entirety of your online buys including your stores at internet gaming destinations. This articles covers all that you have to think about eWallets and how they work.

To begin with, what is a virtual wallet?

A virtual wallet is fundamentally the online variant of the wallet or tote you have in your pocket and is secure as Internet banking. At the point when you need to make a buy online you essentially move cash from your virtual wallet to a gambling club or a shop.

Why utilize a Virtual Wallet?

One of the most famous reasons is included security and genuine feelings of serenity. You don’t need to give your Mastercard subtleties to each shop or gambling club that you need to make a buy at. So the additional security benefits are plainly there.

Probably the best motivation to utilize one of the virtual wallet administrations for your online gambling club exchanges is that most gambling clubs offer exceptional rewards for players who utilize elective store strategies to charge cards. Besides as a rule you can get quicker compensation outs of your rewards took care of directly to your virtual wallet.

Note : When it comes to online gambling clubs that we suggest the security issue isn’t so significant in light of the fact that all club recorded at All slot online include cutting edge encryption and security highlights for a buy strategy.

Be that as it may, on the off chance that you are not open to giving out your Mastercard subtleties, at that point one of the administrations beneath is a perfect path for you to make buys online with certainty. We strongly prescribe that you read on.

How does a Virtual Wallet work?

While not every virtual wallet work indistinguishably they all offer similar principals. What you do is open a record at one of the administrations diagram beneath, opening a record is in every case free. At that point you basically subsidize your record by means of your charge card, by means of ACH, through direct bank move or by one of the other accessible strategies.

At that point when you need to make a buy online you essentially utilize your virtual wallet account number and subtleties to make a money move from your record to the club or vendor. Along these lines you just ever give your own Mastercard or banking subtleties to the one spot.

Where can I get a Virtual Wallet?

There a few understood organizations offering this administration fundamentally they are for the most part especially similar. We prescribe that you visit the site of each organization highlighted beneath and settle on your choice in the wake of examining each site. Enlisting a record for the accompanying administrations is FREE.

Pay Pal was at one point the most well known e-wallet for online club however when they were aquired by eBay they quit processsing betting exchanges. The two most mainstream administrations at club at the present time are NETeller and Click2Pay. At any rate one and all the more regularly both of these store choices are generally acknowledged at all great gambling clubs.
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diet for hepatitis b chronic

Alternative Of Diet For Hepatitis B Chronic, It’s Easier Than What You Think

Hepatitis B Chronic is a disease that can attack anyone at any age. However, most of the patients for this disease are usually people that are more than 40 years old. Most of the cause of hepatitis is because of lifestyle and genetic factors that can’t be prevented. Therefore, changing a person’s lifestyle can at least delay the cause of hepatitis B chronic. One of the ways to delay it is by applying a diet for hepatitis B chronic that everyone can apply. Those who don’t have hepatitis can also apply it to prevent hepatitis from coming into their lives. 

diet for hepatitis b chronic

Diet for hepatitis B chronic is changing the menu that you usually eat into something healthier. Usually, the taste or flavor of the food isn’t that sweet and doesn’t use much salt. Even though it doesn’t taste as good as other kinds of food it will help your health. So, what kind of food is needed in the diet for hepatitis B Chronic patients?

1. Potatoes, Oatmeal

Hepatitis patients usually must avoid rice as it contains a lot of sugar. Therefore, to change rice people can change them with potatoes and oatmeal. These foods are a source of carbo which will give people energy to people to do activities. But at the same time, the amount of sugar inside these foods is not as much as rice. So, cut off the carbo in your daily life and change it with potatoes and oatmeal. You can add a bit of salt but remember only a small amount only. 

2. Fruits 

All kinds of fruits are healthy, but a diet for hepatitis B Chronic patients try to prevent eating sweet fruits. Some of the fruits, they should not eat are mango or melon that is too sweet. Rather than these two fruits, eat banana, apples, and papaya. These fruits are also healthy and delicious too eat. 

3. Vegetables

All vegetables are allowed for hepatitis B chronic patients, especially they have much nutrition. Vegetables contain many vitamins that are healthy for the body and mind. Therefore, ensure to consume vegetables every time you eat a meal. Just make sure the vegetables are clean to eat. 

4. Protein Foods

Consume foods that contain a lot of protein like fish, white eggs and beans. When people suffer from hepatitis they need to consume a lot of protein to go against the enemy. Therefore, consume chicken, beef, and fish. However, make sure to cook the foods in the right way so that it keeps healthy. 

5. Healthy Fats

If you want to consume some fat, then choose healthy fats in avocado. Other than avocado, nuts and fish oil contains healthy fats that people consume. These healthy fats will help people gain energy that is also healthy for the body. So, cut the fats from unhealthy foods and change them to these healthy foods. 

So, these are some foods to consider for diet for Hepatitis B chronic. However, the key to this diet is to be disciplined and on time. Make sure to also consult with a doctor when doing this diet, to make sure it is ok for the body.  

How to avoid grey hair

How To Avoid Grey Before Its Time Easily

Women would usually grow grey hair starting at the age of 50. While on the other side, men would start at an earlier age which is 35. Ages are the main reason why people get their grey hair. However, younger people in the age of the 25 – 30 years would often grow grey hair already. Not all people are comfortable with the look of old grey hair. Before getting it, it is better to do some rituals on how to avoid grey hair.

How to avoid grey hair

Besides age, there are other reasons why people get grey hair. Firstly it is because of stress. Second because of the environment and the lifestyle. Both external and internal reasons could cause people on growing grey hair earlier. However, with the right maintenance for the hair, people could keep their original hair color. To know about more it, here are some top tips on how to avoid grey hair.

1. Consume Enough Vitamins

Vitamins, especially vitamin B12, are important not only for the body but also for the hair and skin. The lack of vitamins could cause people to get a grey color at an early age. Foods that are rich with vitamin B12 are eggs, chicken, beef, fruits, and vegetable. However, if people are still lack of vitamin, they could take some vitamin supplements as well.

2. Massage the Hair with Egg Oil

Another way on how to avoid grey hair is by massaging the hair using egg oil. Egg oils could the hair on premature aging and grey hair color, Before going to sleep. massage the hair with egg oil and then leave it overnight. Moreover, cover the bed and pillow with a plastic sheet so it does not get dirty. This option would save a lot of time.

3. Stop Smoking and Avoid the Smoke as well

Smoke is not only dangerous for the inside body but also the outside such as hair and skin as well. Smoking would cause the hair to become easily gey and premature. On the other hand, the passive smoker could also get the effect of the smoke. That is why try to avoid being close to the smoke too. Both, being a smoker and the smoke would cause grey hair, damage the hair and also ruins the other part of the body.

4. Take care of the Hair

Taking care of our hair is important to keep it healthy, fresh and also great. However, people often do a lot of things to their hair. Starting from the hairdryer, hair extensions, hair bleach, and others. These rituals would damage the original part of the hair, even though it gives a better appearance. People need to limit the use of it to prevent grey hair and other damages.

5. Use Other Natural Remedies

Other ways on how to avoid grey hair are by using some natural remedies. People do not need to go to the salon or even the doctor to stop getting grey hair. People could use such as seaweed, nettle leaf, and black sesame for their hair.

The options on how to avoid grey hairs depend on the needs of the hair. Each person has a different condition and different treatment. Make sure to understand the condition of the hair.