food that diabetics should avoid

Food That Diabetics Should Avoid At All Cost

Eating a healthy and balanced diet are two things that every diabetics people must do. There is no excuse not to follow the eating rules if you want to control your sugar level. By knowing what to eat and avoid, the diabetics people are still able to maintain their energy too. Thus, this article focuses on what food that diabetics should avoid without compromise. Because they have a strict line, but it doesn’t mean they cannot enjoy facing their plates anymore.

food that diabetics should avoid

One thing for sure, talking about diabetics diet is not only related to the kind of food. But also, the portion too. They are not allowed to eat much, so the amount should be right exactly. That is why diabetics people should have a meal plan. That meal plan should not contain all food that diabetics should avoid. If you haven’t known yet about the foods, here we have a list below:

1. Sugary Beverages

It is totally forbidden in the meal plan. Any kind of sugar will make you getting worse. So forget about ice cream, milk, cheese, cake, even sweet corn soup. The fructose is strongly linked with your insulin resistance and diabetes. Furthermore, many studies have said that sugar can cause fatty liver. Once you get belly fat, the cholesterol and blood level will be harmed too.

2. Trans Fats

Actually, it is not only for the diabetics people. As for a healthy person, we also don’t recommend to consume this. Trans fats could be found in margarine, creamers, your favorite frozen dishes, and almost all food manufacturers. Indeed, trans fats don’t directly increase the sugar level. But watch out your insulin and belly fat. For worse effects, it might result in heart disease too.

3. High-carb Food

Pasta, white rice, and white bread should be taken out from the menu. No matter you have diabetic type 1 or 2, these foods can increase your sugar level. Even though you pick the “gluten-free” food labeled, it still plays a role in risk. The other study said that high-carb food can decrease diabetic type 2 person’s brain performance and result in mental deficits.

4. Flavoured Yogurt

The yogurt is good to boost your health. But it kills for the diabetics people. Avoid flavored yogurt, but the plain one is the best. Even you see the low-fat or non-fat yogurt, just let it behind. They still contain sugar and carbs which are not good for you. Only choose the real plain yogurt as your option.

5. Snack Foods

Snacking for diabetics people is quite tricky. Because they cannot eat crackers, pretzels, or other packaged foods. It has refined flavor and only small nutrients. Again, the “healthy snack” label is so tricky. However, the snack is still a snack. If you feel hungry, then just get nuts or low-carbs vegetables.

Knowing the food that diabetics should avoid makes you really hard to arrange the menu. But, don’t be worry, because today you can find lots of complete and easy-to-understand guides. By discipline to your meal plan, the other benefit is avoiding the diabetics complication. So, maintaining your health is important starts from concerning to your intake.