Signs and symptoms of coronavirus

How Terrible, These Are The Signs and Symptoms Of Coronavirus In China

January comes up with a lot of big events and most of all is sad news. At first, we were surprised by World War 3 where America attack Iran and start a new war. After that, another incident happens like Australia in the fire, Jakarta in flood and also Australia in flood. But it doesn’t stop there, happens another one big disease in China, Coronavirus. As a result, many people asking the signs and symptoms of Coronavirus.

Signs and symptoms of coronavirus

Coronavirus is the kind of virus that caused a dangerous disease like MERS and SARS. Until this day, this virus killed at least 132 people in China and have spread to other countries. Scientist identifies this virus as the zoonotic virus or can be transmitted from animals to human. We will try to tell you about the signs and symptoms of Coronavirus so you can identify it quickly.

Symptoms of Coronavirus

Scientist identifies Coronavirus as 2019 Novel Coronavirus or 2019-CoV. This virus will give an effect near 2-14 days after they entered our body. It can cause fatigue and make us dying for a long time. For the first time, Coronavirus may have the same effect as usual flu. Our body will have a high temperature and it can up and down in a short time. After that, we can also have a shortness of breath just like the lungs are narrowed.

However, these all are just the early symptoms of Coronavirus. If our body can evolve the immune system and fight back, then we can survive from the advanced symptoms. But, when we can’t we may face the terrible disease that has not found how to treat it, pneumonia. In this case, Our lungs will be damaged and we will get a heavier breath than ever before. The most severe symptoms of this disease are kidney failure or even death.

Transmission of Coronavirus

Coronavirus can be found in some species of animals like a bat, rat, cat, and many other wild animals. Many people predict that this virus-infected person in China because of their bad habit. People on there usually eat wild animals without cook it perfectly before. They can also eat it in a raw state when these animals are not dead yet. It is may seem terrible but it happens there.

This virus starts to spread to many countries in this world with several things. The virus can infected from the air when the sufferer cough, saliva, or sexual activities. However, this virus can spread in a short time if we did not prepare about it before. This virus newly attacks the human so the scientist has not found the vaccine. We may think that it is the usual flu so we did not get good treatment until this virus reaches many countries.

These are some signs and symptoms of Coronavirus that can happen with someone near us. If it happens to you, just go to the doctor and check it as soon as possible before it is too late. We can take care of our body from this virus by eating healthy food and using a mask. Be careful wherever we are because this can infect us unexpectedly.