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How to Avoid Episiotomy before Delivering Birth

Pregnant moms must have heard about episiotomy. This is one of the processes during delivering the birth of the child. It is an incision between a woman’s vagina and the anus. Before making it, doctors would inject so that the mother would not feel pain. However, mothers could deliver the baby without this process. Even though, mothers still need to know how to avoid episiotomy during their pregnancy.

Doctors would need to cut the incision in order to ease the baby delivered. Sometimes, this procedure is needed because of medical reasons. However, mothers could try their best on keeping the baby and their condition healthy enough to prevent it. Here are some tips for pregnant moms to know how to avoid episiotomy during delivering birth. Moreover, the tips are simple yet save enough to do.

1. Often do the Perineum Massage

Researches have proven that this massage could avoid incision. Moms could start the massage when the fetus’s age is 35 weeks. The technique is by entering one or two fingers inside the vagina and push it slowly towards the perineum. However, be sure that the fingers are clean. Moms should wash their hands using warm waters with soup. Make sure nails are also clean and short.

2. Eat Healthy Foods during Pregnant

Another way on how to avoid episiotomy before delivering birth is by eating healthy foods. Moms should eat foods that have good nutrition not only for the baby but also for themselves. Having good nutrition would help the moms on having a stretchy skin, including on their vagina area. As a bonus, moms could also have nice smooth skin because of eating healthy foods.

3. Exercise on Relaxing the Muscles

Entering the third trimester, mothers would need to start exercising. One of the pregnant exercises that they need to do is relax the muscle, especially in the vagina area. The doctors usually recommend a Kegels exercise. This would help the muscles near the vagina and anus to relax and exercise. Another thing moms usually do bumping on a Pilates ball.

4. Warm Compresses

A simple tip on how to avoid episiotomy before delivering birth is by often compressing using a warm towel. Moms should compress their under part of the stomach and also near the vagina area. This should also help the muscles relax and become more stretchy. When the delivering date is near, moms should compress even more often than they usually do.

5. Join Pregnant Yoga

Keeping calm during the process of delivering is the most important thing. To get used to being calm, doctors and midwives would recommend the parents to join pregnant yoga. Here moms and dads would be taught how to relax during the process. Yoga is also a relaxing and simple exercise to help the muscle to stretch. Moreover, it would help the baby to reach the goal position.

Even though moms often to learn about how to avoid episiotomy towards the delivery date, sometimes the process is needed. The process is to quicken and ease the delivery. Moreover, it is also for the mom’s and the baby’s safety.