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How to avoid grey hair

How To Avoid Grey Before Its Time Easily

Women would usually grow grey hair starting at the age of 50. While on the other side, men would start at an earlier age which is 35. Ages are the main reason why people get their grey hair. However, younger people in the age of the 25 – 30 years would often grow grey hair already. Not all people are comfortable with the look of old grey hair. Before getting it, it is better to do some rituals on how to avoid grey hair.

How to avoid grey hair

Besides age, there are other reasons why people get grey hair. Firstly it is because of stress. Second because of the environment and the lifestyle. Both external and internal reasons could cause people on growing grey hair earlier. However, with the right maintenance for the hair, people could keep their original hair color. To know about more it, here are some top tips on how to avoid grey hair.

1. Consume Enough Vitamins

Vitamins, especially vitamin B12, are important not only for the body but also for the hair and skin. The lack of vitamins could cause people to get a grey color at an early age. Foods that are rich with vitamin B12 are eggs, chicken, beef, fruits, and vegetable. However, if people are still lack of vitamin, they could take some vitamin supplements as well.

2. Massage the Hair with Egg Oil

Another way on how to avoid grey hair is by massaging the hair using egg oil. Egg oils could the hair on premature aging and grey hair color, Before going to sleep. massage the hair with egg oil and then leave it overnight. Moreover, cover the bed and pillow with a plastic sheet so it does not get dirty. This option would save a lot of time.

3. Stop Smoking and Avoid the Smoke as well

Smoke is not only dangerous for the inside body but also the outside such as hair and skin as well. Smoking would cause the hair to become easily gey and premature. On the other hand, the passive smoker could also get the effect of the smoke. That is why try to avoid being close to the smoke too. Both, being a smoker and the smoke would cause grey hair, damage the hair and also ruins the other part of the body.

4. Take care of the Hair

Taking care of our hair is important to keep it healthy, fresh and also great. However, people often do a lot of things to their hair. Starting from the hairdryer, hair extensions, hair bleach, and others. These rituals would damage the original part of the hair, even though it gives a better appearance. People need to limit the use of it to prevent grey hair and other damages.

5. Use Other Natural Remedies

Other ways on how to avoid grey hair are by using some natural remedies. People do not need to go to the salon or even the doctor to stop getting grey hair. People could use such as seaweed, nettle leaf, and black sesame for their hair.

The options on how to avoid grey hairs depend on the needs of the hair. Each person has a different condition and different treatment. Make sure to understand the condition of the hair.