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how to remove fishbone stuck in throat safely

5 Tips Of How To Remove Fishbone Stuck In Throat Safely

Eating fish is healthy.  This protein source has several nutrients that are good for the body.  Sometimes, we feel disturbed by the presence of fish bones.  Not infrequently often involved in the throat.  Here are tips on how to remove fishbone stuck in throat safely, namely:

1. Eating Bananas

The first way on how to remove fishbone stuck in throat safely by eating bananas.  Soft bananas can help drain fish bones stuck in the throat.  This method is quite easy because bananas are available everywhere.  Therefore, always provide bananas at the dinner table.

Bananas with a little slimy can be a natural lubricant in the throat.  Therefore, if a small tragedy occurs, immediately take a banana and eat it.  It tastes good accompanied by great benefits.

2. Eating Marshmallow

The soft texture of Marshmallow can help drain thorns stuck in the throat.  If this happens, then take marshmallow then eat it.  The taste is good equivalent to the benefits.

Therefore, always provide marshmallows at home.  There are many marshmallow variants on the market, with various choices of flavors and unique shapes.  Many children also love Marshmallow.  There is nothing wrong, providing Marshmallow at home as first aid when the tragedy occurs.

3. Drink Lots Of  Mineral Water

Another way of how to remove fishbone stuck in throat safely is by drinking lots of mineral water. Fishbone will flow together with the water. The nature of the flowing water will make the fish bones flow along with the water, so it no longer concerns the throat.

If the fish bones are in the throat, then drink as much mineral water as possible, so that the thorns flow through it. Drinking lots of water is also very good for health.  In addition to as a way to dissolve fish bones in the throat.

4. Swallow Rice

If the three ways above do not work, then you can try the fourth tip, which is by eating rice. This method is quite effective for dissolving fish spines in the throat.

Take a handful of rice then form into a small circle.  Moreover, the rice is hot or warm.  A delicious way with great benefits. This method is the easiest, because most rice has it, even in Indonesia, it becomes a staple food.

5. Drink Olive Oil

The latest, how to remove fishbone stuck in throat safely is eating olive oil. Olive oil will make the throat slippery so it is easy to drain the fish spines.  Its slippery texture will make the fishbone come flowing smoothly and not clog the throat.

Therefore, always provide olive oil at home, as a first-aid effort to someone who has a fishbone stuck. Olive oil has many health benefits.  Providing olive oil at home will provide many benefits apart from being first aid when the fishbone is stuck in the throat.

That’s 5 tips on how to remove fishbone stuck in throat safely.  Always provide these 5 ingredients at home so that if a small incident occurs, it can be resolved immediately.  The materials used are easy to find and the methods used are quite easy and tasty.