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Natural Ways on How to Remove Keloid

If you find a bump on a part of your body that looks like a scar but doesn’t hurt, it may then be a keloid. Keloid usually occurs after a scar is healed however the former of the scar remains. Sometimes people don’t recognize it is a keloid until it grows big. This is because keloid doesn’t grow big an instant time, but it takes at least 3 years to be big. Usually, they are caused by cuts or surgical scars. Therefore, it is important to cure a scar until it is dry to prevent keloid. However, if you already have already had keloids, try some home treatments to remove them. The steps on how to remove keloid are quite simple. 

Keloid is not dangerous and will not hurt or spread to other parts. However, many people don’t feel comfortable having scars on their skin. Therefore, before doing surgery to remove keloid, it is better people try natural and home treatments first. The results may not be fast but doing it regularly can cause the keloid to be smaller. Therefore, for those who are having signs of keloid should try these home treatments on how to remove keloid.

1. Silicon Sheeting / Gel

If your keloid isn’t too big and red, try applying silicone sheeting or gel on the keloid. Many people have tried this and proven to shrink the keloid on the skin. Silicone sheeting is safe to use, therefore even pregnant women are allowing to apply them. Other than that, silicon sheeting can also avoid the keloid from growing bigger. 

2. Petrolatum or Lanolin

The properties are in heavy skin cream or lotions that people use in their daily life. Researchers have found out that creams containing these properties can help improve scars’ appearance. However, people must be disciplined in applying the cream on their scar until it gets dry. When it gets dry don’t scratch it off, but keep on appealing the lotion until it fades away. 

3. Aspirin

A study in 2015 showed that aspirin can help people from removing keloid. The steps on how to remove keloid are by crashing 3-4 tablets of aspirin and mixing them with water. Then apply this mixture on the keloid or scar on your body. Let it stay for 1-2 hours until it becomes dry or a bit hard on the skin. Then rinse it off until clean and repeat it the next day. 

4. Garlic

For those who don’t have aspirin can use garlic as their medicine. Just like aspirin, the function of garlic is to shrink the scars on the skin and lighten the scars. The steps to using them are also the same. Just crush them and mix it with some water before applying it on the skin. However, let it stay for only 15 minutes and then rinse them off. 

5. Honey

This sweet food contains anti-inflammatory that can help reduce keloids from growing and even making them smaller. In fact, honey is one of the safest ways of curing keloid compared to other kinds of ingredients. A way to use honey is just applying a bit of honey on the keloid regularly each day. 

These steps on how to remove keloid are very easy and cheap to do. People can even do these treatments by themselves without help from other people. But it is important to remember that natural treatments will need some time until it gets cured totally. Usually, it will take up to a year to remove a normal size keloid from the skin.