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natural recipe for hair growth

Natural Recipe For Hair Growth For Women At Home

For most women, hair is an important part of the body. The hair is like their crown and it must be clean and beautiful. However, having clean and beautiful hair is not enough. Some women want to have long and thick hair. It is because it would give them more confidence and they could do more with long and thick hair. Rather than going to the salon, there is some natural recipe for hair growth for women at home.

With the home natural recipes, not only that women would able to save money than going to the salon. Women could also save more time as well. They could do it at home while doing other activities. Here is some natural recipe for hair growth for women at home to try. It is easy and cheap. However, it would give a big impact on the hair.

1. Banana Mask

The first natural recipe that women could try at home is with using a banana. Banana is not delicious for eating, but also useful for growing the hair long and thick. The first thing is to peel the banana and then blender it. If there no blender or food processor, as an alternative, women could squish it manually. After that, apply the banana all over the hair and cover it with plastic. Let it be for about 20 minutes and then raise with shampoo after.

2. Olive Oil with Egg Yolk

The next natural recipe for hair growth for women at home is with using olive oil with egg yolk. Use two egg yolks and mix it with two tablespoons of olive oil and water. After mixing it up, apply it on the scalp and hair. Furthermore, it is better if women also apply vitamin in it. After letting it for 15 minutes, raise the hair cleanly with water and shampoo. However, do not use this recipe too often. Maximum paste it twice a month.

3. Avocado with Coconut Oil

The third recipe that women could try is with using avocado and coconut oil and avocado. First, heat up the coconut, but do not use the microwave. After that, massage it all over the hair. Next, squish the avocado and apply it as well on the hair, but only at the end of the hair. After 30 minutes, rinse the hair. People could do this treatment once a week for the best result.

4. Onion Juice with Honey

Another natural recipe for hair growth for women is with using onion juice and honey. Firstly, juice the onion with a food processor or blender. After that, blend it with a teaspoon of honey. Apply the materials on the hair and let it for 1 night. Since the onion might smell strong, before rinsing it with shampoo, apply some scented oils before.

5. Caffeine

Who thought that coffee would also be useful for hair treatments besides making us awake? Try to mix the regular shampoo with 4 ounces of caffeine powder. It would help the hair to grow heavily. Women could use this for daily use.

Having beautiful hair would increase the beauty and confidence of a woman. To help them have long and heavy hair, try on the natural recipe for hair growth. Every woman could try it easily at home.