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tips for preventing coronavirus

Important Tips For Preventing Coronavirus You Should Know

Recently the Coronavirus has invigorated the world community.  The virus that takes many lives comes from China. For those who have low immunity, of course very vulnerable to contracting this virus.  But take it easy, you can increase your body’s immunity to prevent this virus from attacking.  Here are tips for preventing Coronavirus, namely :

1. Eat Nutritious Foods

The first from the list of tips for preventing Coronavirus is to eat nutritious foods. Add milk to your diet.  Milk is effective for boosting the immune system as well as preventing viruses.  Fruits that contain lots of vitamin C, as well as other nutritious foods. Complete nutritious food, avoid fatty foods that allow bad fats to grow in the body and can invite disease.  Don’t forget to always eat vegetables, fish, and perfectly cooked dishes.

2. Get Enough Exercise and Rest

Try to get enough exercise and rest.  Exercise is good for health and prevents viruses from coming.  Make sure you don’t experience fatigue after a day of activities.  Therefore, you must have enough rest.  Sleeping 8 hours a day can make your body refreshed. A weak body due to lack of rest can invite various types of viruses that cause disease, one of which is the Coronavirus.  Therefore, take care of your rest time not to get too tired.

3. Washing Hands Using Soap

Next Step for preventing Corona Virus is washing your hands often using soap or hand sanitizer.  Germs and viruses are in many hands, because the hand is the object that touches the most other objects that may be affected by viruses or germs.  Therefore, wash your hands immediately after coming in contact with other objects, shaking hands, holding money, holding public facilities.

4. Wear a Mask

Always wear a mask when traveling out of the house.  Masks can dispel viruses that may be sucked.  Use a mask when sneezing or coughing so that germs and viruses do not easily spread to others.  Using a mask can also filter out dust and dirt so that the air entering the lungs is cleaner.

5. No Visit to Places Affected by the Coronavirus.

The last tip for preventing Corona Virus is to avoid traveling to places affected by the Coronavirus. Corona Virus is a disease originating from Wuhan, China.  From its home country, this virus is contagious and very deadly.  Transmission of this virus through fluids in the patient’s body.  It’s like a cold.  Therefore, avoid places suspect Coronavirus.

Those are some tips for preventing Coronavirus. Health is very expensive and important, preventing the disease is better than treating it. One way is to always maintain immunity by implementing a healthy lifestyle. Corona Virus is a disease that can be transmitted from human to human, as well as from animal to human. Thus, the virus does not easily attack humans who have a good immune system.